Operating Hours


Day Open Closed
Monday Now Open Mondays June 30 thru Sept 1st! 10AM
Tuesday 10AM 5PM
Wednesday 10AM 5PM
Thursday 10AM 5PM
Friday 10AM 5PM
Saturday 10AM 5PM
Sunday 10AM 5PM

Admission is $9.99 plus tax for adults and $11.99 + tax for each child.  Babies under 1 are free. Group rates are available.All fees and hours are subject to change without notice.


CLOSED, Friday, JULY 4th 2014!

nostrollersSorry! No strollers allowed in the museum.

Dinosaur Cave

Come into the cave and make your own cave drawings of animals and hand prints. Dig up fossils of trilobites and ammonites in the sand boxes and play tables. Some kids will want to touch the triceratops head- others will be happy to merely wave!



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